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User & Competition Insights


  • Min. 2 years of experience in same field
  • Min. bachelor degree: will prefer related background such as: Pyschology, Anthropology, Ethnography, Design, Information System, Sociology, or Interaction Design.
  • Familiarity with research methods into a design thinking process.
  • Comfortable launching and in iterating quickly and using data (Knowledge in data analysis is a plus).
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Eager to talk to customers to build empathy.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Open-minded and quick to adapt in an agile environment.

Job Description

  • Initiate and execute research projects to uncover insights from competitor and customers about pain points, behavior, and growth opportunity
  • Work closely with various stakeholders (Product Managers, UI/UX Designer, Marketing, Engineers, C-Levels) while defening the realistic research methods to answer the research objectives.
  • Provide innovative research methods (both Quantitative and Qualitative) to be adapted in an Agile Team within short turnaroun, including surveys, Usability Testing, Intercepts, Contextual studies, Observation, Focus groups, and many more.
  • Analyze and synthesize research results.
  • Present insights and creative recommendations to diserve audiences through reports.

Engineering (Architect)


  • Bachelor of master from information Technology background.
  • Min. 4 years of experience in same field.
  • Experienced for handling multiple application platforms (web; mobile apps; etc).
  • Experienced in developing and modeling application architecture into a solution (e.g. how to connect between applications into a perfect integration).
  • Able to oversee the design process for applications.
  • Able to provide technical support (e.g. application in terms of data integrity, security, backup requirement, etc).
  • Understand and able to digest or develop technical documentation (e.g. FSD, TSD, etc).

Job Description

  • To manage application developer team.
    (work closely with system analyst, software developers, and team members to ensure all successful production of application software).
  • To provide a solution for application integration and development in order to have a seamless integration of new and existing system to eliminate potential problem and maintain data structure, business process, and integrity.

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